Upcoming sessions 2020

Upcoming sessions

Due to limited space, please schedule your visit to Elek Lifestyle Centre as early as possible, and contact us for information about the availability of specific dates. If you are interested in Health Sessions similar to ours in Scotland please visit: www.threeangelsfarm.co.uk

Health sessions of 2020

Dates Sessions
13th - 23th of January (10) Health Session
17th - 27th February (10) Health Session
09th - 19th March (10) Health Session
30th March -09th of April  (10) Closed due to coronavirus
04th - 14th of May (10) Closed due to coronavirus
25th May - 04th of June (10) Closed due to coronavirus
15th-25th of June (10) Health Session
06th - 16th of July (10) Health Session
3rd-13rd of August (10) Health Session
31st August - 10th of September (10) Health Session
09th - 19th of September (10) Health Session
21th of September - 01st of October (10) Health Session
19th - 29th of October (10) Health Session
09th -19th of November (10) Health Session
30th November- 10th of December (10) Health Session


(10) Session from Monday till Thursday            

You can apply on the following number: 0036 20 530 5480 or elekivendeghaz@gmail.com

DEPOSIT: A minimum deposit of 20% of the full price for all guests must accompany each application to secure a reservation. If cancellation of reservation is made at least 2 weeks prior to arrival date, then 90% of the deposit will be refunded. We accept personal checks, bank transfer or cash.

BALANCE DUE: The remaining balance must be paid at the time of registration. No installment plans are available.

ADDED CHARGES: will be required for additional lab, additional services, diagnostic services, pharmacy items & supplements, or emergency care.

FAMILY MEMBER: To help our guests continue their lifestyle changes at home, we encourage family members to attend.

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