"I came here to Elek, because I wanted to lose weight and get my blood sugar right. After a few days I felt much better and because I kept all the things that the doctor said I started to lose weight - 3 kgs/week and my blood sugar went under 5. I was amazed what could happen in a week. I could suggest to come to those who would like to really change there life.." Jozsef from Hungary

"When visiting Elek Centre we had a double revelation. First, we were surprised that somthing like this exits in Hungary. After 12 days of a nice dream, totally separatedfrom the world from which, we came, we realized it is never too late for a beneficial change in our lifestyle. The spiritual warmth, lectures, and the good attitude at Elek fed our souls during the careful treatment. The diet we found to be healthy and vigorous. Even though I ate abundantly, I still lost 2 kg. The splendid environment, clean air, and comfortable accommodations like you would find in a hotel, made whole pivture beautiful." Bela and Jolika from Romania

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